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A Blend of Suburban Tranquility and Urban Convenience

Nestled just 10 miles from downtown Baltimore, Towson, Maryland, has evolved from a rural retreat to a bustling suburban community. This growth, spurred by Baltimore's expansion in the early 1900s, saw the establishment of universities, churches, and residential neighborhoods. Yet, despite its transformation, Towson has managed to retain the quiet charm that initially attracted its residents.

Despite its urban elements, Towson maintains a friendly atmosphere where residents can enjoy shopping and dining at Towson Town Center. History buffs can delve into the area's past at the Hampton National Historic Site, a Georgian mansion built after the Revolutionary War. Additionally, the Prospect Hill Cemetery, final resting place of actor and entertainer Harris Glenn Milstead, famously known as "Divine," offers a unique slice of local history.


Towson's residential neighborhoods, such as Eudowood, Loch Raven, and Idlewylde, offer diverse housing options, each reflecting the unique character of the area. Loch Raven, known for its higher population density, features more apartment buildings, while Idlewylde exudes a suburban feel with an abundance of single-family homes.

For those who value proximity to parkland, neighborhoods like Ruxton, Riderwood, and Woodbrook offer ideal locations near Lake Roland Park. These newer developments exhibit a suburban ambiance with spacious homes. Conversely, the eastern side of Towson, including Eudowood and Wiltondale, offers a more urban environment. Here, row houses and townhouses are common, with homes and businesses situated closer together, giving the area a vibrant, community-oriented feel.


For outdoor enthusiasts, Lake Roland Park provides an expansive green space for relaxation and recreation. This 500-acre park boasts a lake offering waterfront activities, a dog park, and various recreational facilities. Kayaking and canoeing are popular pastimes on the lake, allowing residents to immerse themselves in the area's natural beauty.


Today, Towson offers easy access to other Baltimore communities, thanks to its proximity to major highways like I-695 and I-84, as well as several bus lines managed by the Maryland Transit Administration. Despite its tranquil setting, life in Towson is far from dull. The Towson Town Center area, known for its walkability, is a hub of activity with numerous restaurants, bars, retail stores, and entertainment venues. Here, you can explore diverse culinary delights, including Asian, Italian, American, and Indian cuisines.

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