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5 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in Maryland

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1. 6699 McArthur Boulevard, Bethesda, MD

Listed at 17.5 million, 6699 Macartur Boulevard is currently the most expensive home on the market in Maryland. The home was designed by architect Franck and Lohsen and built by Leonard Numi of CDC builders. This 12,000 square ft.home is really unique as it was designed to be a replica of the owners [...]

Top 3 Things Sellers MUST do for a Quick Sale

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Declutter, de-personalize, and clean the house.

You want the house to be free of clutter so that when potential buyers walk through the house they can visualize themselves in the space. Think of a hotel. Its so easy to walk in and drop your bags. Thats exactly what you want your house to feel like for new buyers. Start with taking [...]