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Sell Your Home Safely Without Overspending During the Pandemic

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If you want or need to sell your house in the near future but the thought of welcoming strangers and potentially harmful germs into your home leaves you feeling uncomfortable youll be glad to know that several safe alternatives are available to you. From virtual showings to 3D walkthroughs and live video-chat tours, you can still sell your home during COVID-19 without putting the health and safety of your household at risk. Plus, you can get your house ready to sell without spending a whole lot of money on home repairs, improvements, and staging. For some budget-friendly advice on getting your home ready to sell during the pandemic, read on!

Prep Your Home for Photos and Online Showings

As you prepare to sell your house amid the coronavirus outbreak, youll need to get the home and yard ready for your listing photos and videos and online and in-person showings with prospective buyers. Before any showing whether its virtual or physical experts at TurkeyHomeLoan (TKHL) recommend adding curb appeal to the outside of the property and deep cleaning and decluttering the home from top to bottom. Additionally, its important to make any necessary home repairs and renovations, such as the following:

  • Painting the homes interior and exterior
  • Repairing damaged drywall
  • Fixing any plumbing issues
  • Replacing damaged flooring

Youll also need to stage the home virtually or traditionally, depending on your budget and whether youll be moving from the home before listing the property. Since you wont need to buy new furniture, bedding, and decor for your home, virtual staging services are typically more affordable than traditional staging methods.

If youll be staging the property traditionally, however, you wont have to spend a whole lot of money on cleaning supplies, bedding, and home decor if you learn how to save at Target and other affordable retailers. When shopping at Target, for instance, youll save on decor, cleaning supplies, and anything else youll need to show your home if you buy from the clearance section, look for deals using the Target mobile app, and combine Cartwheel offers with manufacturer coupons.

Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy Between Showings

Whether youll be showing your property online, in-person, or limiting physical tours to real estate agents and serious, pre-approved house hunters, youll need to clean, sanitize, and declutter the home before and after tours with prospective buyers. Cleaning is essential when selling a home amid COVID-19, as doing so will help to protect you and your visitors from potentially harmful germs. If you run out of cleaning supplies and disinfectants while showing your home, however, you can make your own products with basic ingredients like rubbing alcohol, distilled vinegar, and even high-proof vodka.

In addition to cleaning and disinfecting your home between showings, youll need to keep each room organized and clutter-free. Decluttering and tidying up can be a challenge when youre spending more time at home amid COVID-19, but you can use your attic, laundry baskets, suitcases, and the space under your bed to hide clutter and personal belongings during online or in-person walkthroughs.

Sell Your Home Without the Worry

Selling a home was a stressful endeavor long before the pandemic hit and the thought of spreading or contracting the coronavirus while showing a house to prospective buyers just adds another layer of difficulty and uncertainty to the process. With these budget-friendly tips to guide you, however, you might find that virtual staging, digital showings, 3D walkthroughs, and live video-chat tours can take some of the stress out of selling a home especially if you have an experienced, tech-savvy real estate agent to walk you through the process. A tech-savvy real estate agent will be vital as you list your home during the pandemic and keep in-person showings to a minimum so make sure you find an agent you trust and feel comfortable working with.

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