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Best Desserts To-Go

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1. The Bus Stop

Website: https://www.facebook.com/thebusstopmd/

About: Located at the beautiful Spring Meadow Farms in Carroll County, there is plenty of room to stretch out and honor social distancing guidelines, while still having an awesome experience. Highlights include a playground, plenty of outdoor seating, petting zoo, and VW Photo Booth Bus!

Feedback: So far we have had 2 items from Shack/Bust Stop...the brownie ice cream and snowballs. Both were over the top delicious. The brownie was warm, fresh and gooey and the ice cream was awesome. The snowball ice was perfect, no icebergs and the marshmallow was a high end taste, not a sugary tasteless cheapy brand. Our server was Hailey and she was sweet as could be. We made sure to tip her well and we let her know that we will be back!

Location: 15513 Hanover Pike Upperco, MD 21155

2. Subzero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Website: https://www.subzeroicecream.com

About: Drawn to the idea of customizable food, Jerry & Naomi Hancock wanted to apply this to desserts. With a background in Chemistry, Jerry went to work to develop a method to freeze ice cream using nothing other than liquid ice cream. Finding success, they opened their first location in 2004. In 2013, they were featured on Shark Tank which catapulted their business from 17 locations to 50!

Feedback: After dinner we headed over and only waited about 5 minutes before ordering. They have so many creations to pick from with flavors and milk types. It starts out as all liquid which is weird but then the nitrogen turns it into ice cream. You get to watch them mix it up and it feels like youre in a science lab doing an experiment.

2 Locations near Baltimore!

8 Shawan Rd Cockeysville, MD

10300 Little Patuxent Parkway Columbia, MD

3. The Charmery

Website: https://www.thecharmery.com

About: The Charmery is the dream come true of husband and wife team, David and Laura Alima. Both Maryland natives, The Charmery is a homage to the city they live in and love. They draw inspiration from local agriculture and maker communities using real fruit, thoughtfully sourced ingredients, and dairy from grass-fed, hormone free, happy cows.

Feedback: This place is called The Charmery for a reason! It is so charming, welcoming and smells o-so-good! I was most intrigued by their many fun flavors as well as their non-dairy items. I love how cutesy the outside of the establishment is and its even more inviting in the evening with the lights. The prices are fair and the staff members are youthful, energetic, kind and friendly. This is my favorite dessert place in Hampden and I look forward to visiting again soon!!

3 Locations in Baltimore!

801 W 36th St Baltimore, MD

6807 York Rd Baltimore, MD

46 E Cross St Baltimore, MD

4. SNOasis

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Snoasis-113576938664466/about/?ref=page_internal&path=%2FSnoasis-113576938664466%2Fabout%2F

About: Since 1977, this family-owned and operated snowball stand has been an icon in the Baltimore area. Featuring unique shaved ice and unbeatable homemade flavors. Also serve soft-serve ice cream, sundaes, shakes, and hotdogs.

Feedback: If you think a snow cone is a snow cone, try Snoasis. Shavenot crushedice, with the largest selection of flavors around, and the flavors are richer/thicker than at other places. Im always dissatisfied with others and marvel that theres such a difference.

Location: 30 E Padonia Rd Timonium, MD

5. The Cow

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Ice-Cream-Shop/The-Cow-in-Reisterstown-ROCKS-112749952072814/

About: This community hotspot started small with only one location and one service window, there are now 5 serving windows at the original location and a secondary location. Featuring old fashioned custard, homemade Italian ice, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and more!

Feedback: I love going to the cow with my family and enjoying their many flavors in Italian ice, their flavors of custard and much more. Not only can you get good frozen treats but an amazing scenic ride through historic Reisterstown on your way there. Its a tasty treat especially now when you get bored of store bought ice cream.

2 Locations near Baltimore!

201 Main St Reisterstown, MD

473 Baltimore Blvd Westminster, MD

6. Charm City Chocolate

Website: https://www.charmcitychocolate.com

About: Launched by husband and wife, Todd and Michelle, Charm City Chocolate uses family recipes to make small batches. They carefully curate only the most delightful chocolates to accent their handmade selection. They use only the finest local ingredients and source their chocolate from sustainable growers.

Feedback: What a cute little store that has all kinds of chocolates, and especially amazing ice cream options. I came here because the owner of Common Ground Cafe talked about their ice cream sandwiches. It was a hot day and this is exactly what I needed to cool me off. The packaging is beautiful and in a box with the label on the outside. As a marketing major I appreciate he branding!

Location: 809 W 36th St Baltimore, MD

7. Pitango Gelato

Website: http://www.pitangogelato.com

About: Noah Dan, who spent his childhood in Trieste, Italy, founded Pitango in 2007 to re-create the pure and wholesome gelato of his youth. Still a family-owned business, Pitango has six locations in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. They churn their products on site, not in a factory, enabling them to bypass the need for chemicals, preservatives, stabilizers, colors, or flavorings.

Feedback: For years Ive maintained the conviction that frozen custard and ice cream are infinitely superior to gelato, but Pitango makes me rethink that. This is a gelato shop where the lush creaminess of the product is certainly not compromised by the healthier ingredients, and if you want to unravel the mysteries as to how this is even possible, simply read the walls of the shop! Furthermore the place offers coffee as well as some selections that piqued my curiosity, like sipping chocolate. The place screams authentic Italian, and you cant help but admire the care they put into their product.

2 Locations near Baltimore!

802 S Broadway St Baltimore, MD

903 S Ann St Baltimore, MD

8. Bmore Licks

Website: https://bmorelicks.com

About: This family owned, second generation shop has over 100 flavors of soft serve, milkshakes, snowballs, sundaes, doggie ice cream, and more! They offer more customization than other ice cream place in the area, there are always two vegan options and non-dairy options available on the menu, and their colorful exterior walls are perfect for fun pictures.

Feedback: They were allowing 4 people in the store at a time if you have a facemask. They also have someone taking walk-up orders outside. There are sooo many flavors and they all sounded amazing! They have ice cream and a ton of different flavors of soft serve as well. They also make ice cream tacos which is pretty cool. Also the single scoops are massive! Definitely want to go back!

Location: 2437 Eastern Ave Baltimore, MD

9. Dangerously Delicious Pies

Website: https://www.dangerouspiesbalt.com

About: In between touring with his band, Rodney Henry started Dangerously Delicious Pies in 1997 out of the kitchen of a dive bar in Fells Point. Since then, theyve grown into a nationwide delivery service and feature a lot more than pies, including live music on the weekends. Most recently, they created a pie valet service which offers free delivery to eight Maryland counties, the Eastern Shore, DC, and Northern Virginia. Featured multiple times on Food Network, Rodneys Rock and Roll Pie Bar has become a destination for foodies traveling locally.

Feedback: We come here every 2 to 3 months, it is about an hour trip and well worth the trip, we have not had a bad piece of pie yet. Rodney, who we have seen multiple times on Food Network programs, is friendly, personable, and a mad crazy genius when it comes to his pie style pies. He will always take time for a photo and say hi to his customers. If you get the chance, stop in on a weekend night to see his band, or any of the bands that play there, it is truly worth the experience.

Location: 2839 ODonnell St Baltimore, MD

10. Cake By Jason Hisley

Website: https://www.cakebyjason.com

About: Launched by award-winning Executive Chef, Jason Hisley, with co-owner Kelly Sokolis, this bake-from-scratch boutique cake and pastry shop is all about baking an experience. Drawing from childhood memories, theyve created award-winning cupcakes and custom cakes. Daily fresh-baked pastries add to the warm atmosphere of their shop. Featured on multiple Food Network shows and more, they have created a nationwide presence.

Feedback: Amazing bakery! Ive stopped in to pick up cupcakes in the past (delicious and great flavor options), so I decided to order a custom cake for my nephews birthday. The staff is wonderful to work with, very easy communication to discuss all of the details and very friendly. I sent a photo of an idea I had and was blown away by the outcomeso creative and delicious too!

Location: 47 E Padonia Rd Timonium, MD

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