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Pinterest Worthy Updates That Will Make Your House POP

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With more time being spent at home, why not add some pop to your living spaces? Keeping up with current trends and partaking in simple DIY projects can also make your house worth more when it's time to sell. Here are some quick, easy, and affordable updates to consider:

Start with the Interior

  1. Re-invent your doorknobs

All you need is some spray paint and you can completely change the appearance of your home's door knobs. Purchasing brand new knobs that fit with the aesthetic of your home can be time consuming and expensive, so just pick a new color and re-invent your knobs!

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2. Wallpaper is back & better than ever

Completely change any room in your house by purchasing modern, yet sleek peel and stick wallpaper. You would be surprised how cost-effective and easy this is for the results it gives! Target has options starting around $20-30, whereas Amazon has a range of options from under $10. You can also give your kitchen a fresh makeover by using peel and stick backsplashes! Check out the projects below.

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3. Create a new Couch

Couches can be expensive, but they are always an important staple. Head to Amazon and grab a large blanket or cover to change the appearance of your couch. Add some pillows and decorative accessories once identifying a theme and color scheme. When you do that, you could even add a matching rug or carpet along with a centerpiece on your coffee table to tie it all together.

Faulkner , Chelsea. DIY Couch Covers. HGTV, 2020, www.hgtv.com/how-to/home-improvement/diy-home-projects-pictures.

Now its Time to Spruce up the Exterior

  1. Make your front entrance more liveable

Why have just a doormat when you can have a porch rug too? Grab a large outdoor exterior rug to put beneath your doormat to add simplistic luxury. Not only can you give your front door a fresh new coating of paint, but you could also add character by adding a rug to make your aesthetic even better, maybe even add your house numbers!

Faulkner , Chelsea. DIY Couch Covers. HGTV, 2020, www.hgtv.com/how-to/home-improvement/diy-home-projects-pictures.

2. Never forget about mulch & plants!

Considering giving your outdoor space a fresh supply of mulch. New mulch can make the curb appeal of your house change immediately for the better. Whatever you do to your exterior, make sure plants are invovled. If you are worried about keeping them alive, head over to Amazon and purchase self-watering bulbs that are cheap and easy to use.

Last but not least, your outdoor space!

  1. Let there be light!

Having an exciting outdoor space gives you a home you never want to leave. Use your fence or pergola to string outdoor globe lights. This makes your surroundings feel like an oasis and is great for entertaining. If you dont have something to hang lights from, get big flower planters and install wooden beams in them to create your own posts! Check out the photo below:

Payne, Gary. Make Planter Posts for String Lights , 2018, www.diynetwork.com/how-to/outdoors/patios-and-decks/how-to-make-planter-posts-for-string-lights

2. Add some flare to your outdoor concrete

Grab some paint, make or order some stencils, and create a rug-like appearance out of your outdoor concrete. Have you ever wanted that Mediterranean feel to your backyard? Well, this will make a vacation to Greece never seem too far away. This DIY project may even be the perfect art project you and your family are looking for, and will even add dollar signs to your property.

2018, Jen Woodhouse. How to Stencil a Concrete Rug. Jen Woodhouse, 2018, jenwoodhouse.com/stenciled-concrete-rug/.

3. Fireplaces are easier than you think!

As the summer is coming to an end, its time to start thinking about how to best entertain outdoors. There is nothing like s'mores, bonfires, and blankets by a fire on a chilly evening. Fireplaces dont have to be expensive but are very much a luxury. Building a simple fireplace costs about $60 and all you need are pavers and sand! Check out the DIY Fireplace link below:

Kaysi. DIY Fire Pit . Keeping It Simple, 2016, www.keepingitsimplecrafts.com/how-to-build-diy-fire-pit-for-only-60/.

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