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Our Top Picks- Creative Ways to Participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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1. Wear Pink

All month you can show your support by wearing anything pink, not just ribbons! Official Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Day is October 18th!

2. Help a Patient

Do you know someone who is battling breast cancer? Offer to do little things to make their life easier: walk the dog, drive them to appointments, make them meals, and more!

3. Educate Yourself

It is important to know your risks, tips on early detection, how to check for breast abnormalities, and more. Then share that knowledge with others.

4. Spend Wisely

Many organizations join in on BCA, but not each opportunity is the same. Make sure the focus is on support, not awareness to ensure your dollars are used wisely.

5. Donate Directly

Currently, the National Cancer Foundation is funding dedicated researches who rely on donations. Host a fundraiser to give directly to this important work.

6. Donate Clothes

There are oncology centers that accept donations of blankets, hats, and scarves. Contact your local centers to find out more.

7. Make Cards for Patients

Local chemo centers accept cards for patients year round, but it is especially appreciated during the holidays. Involve your kids to help them find ways to show support!

8. Write Your Congressman

Over the past decade, the NIH has cut breast cancer funding, which is why donations are so vital to the cause. Want to see this change? Demand it from lawmakers.

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