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4 Top Paint Trends for 2021

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2020 was a year full of change! Despite enormous challenges and readjustments, many individuals have grown to fall in love with the various spaces in their own homes. Why not make these spaces more colorful? Most paint experts have been seeing an increase in colors that create excitement, while still making every corner of our homes feel comfortable and cozy.

  1. Grey & Bright Sun Tones Matted and bold greys have an incredibly minimalist impact on a space and when you mix that with a bright yellow, you get a room filled with sunshine. The best part about this color combination is everything still looks incredibly crisp, just adds a unique pop!
  2. Modern & Timeless Tans Tans have the instant ability to make a room feel warm and inviting. Different shades of tan and browns are considered to be quite timeless. Also, these tans have the ability to mix well with any pastel color on the rainbow! Try it with soft pinks, blushed purples, and even seafoam!
  3. Muted Earth Hues Did someone say plants? We dont know if you all have noticed... But everyone has fallen in love with their houseplants this year! Whether it's draping eucalypts in your shower or overloading your living room to feel like a jungle, earth hues rock! Earthly blues, greens, and greys are a key trend to look for in 2021!
  4. Vintage Blues & Chalky Whites There is something beautifully nostalgic about those vintage blue hues and how well they pair with a chalky white! Many homeowners have been gravitating towards the modern whites paired with black; however, we think swapping out the black for a blue brings more character into your space!

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